Right Said Fred

Meet Owen & Fred. They’ve Got Everything.

None You’ve never really considered yourself a patriot, per se.

Sure, you like apple pie. And named your dog Nathan Hale. And your bald eagle Neil Diamond.

But a patriot... nah.

So there’s probably no reason for you to know about Owen & Fred, a new online shop doling out all manner of buffalo nickel cufflinks, messenger bags made out of Army materials and other pretty-much-all-American-made amazingness, available now.

The point is this: one day, a guy named Mike decided to quit his job as an attorney in order to scour the country looking for indestructible bottle openers and cork belts—all for you. And it’s a good thing he did, because if he didn’t, you’d have a lot harder time finding... that stuff.

There’s a lot going on here: things to put your money in (leather wallets from Brooklyn). Things that hold your pants up (a woven sailing belt called “The JFK,” from Rhode Island). Even things to strain macaroni with (colanders... from... Maine).

So the next time you’re going places, doing things or generally just existing, you’ll hop online and sift through Mike’s ragtag consortium of handpicked oddities until you find the right tool for the job.

And if you find out who Owen and Fred are, let us know.

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