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Denim and Hot-Towel Shaves on Newbury

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None 6 Photos Ball and Buck Pop-Up
Unlikely pairings.

When first introduced, they seem strange. Then, they slowly become a part of your life.

Soup and salad. Peanut butter and chocolate. Twitter and you.

And now: a rugged menswear emporium that doubles as a classic barbershop.

Introducing the Ball and Buck Pop-Up, opening for six months beginning on Saturday and bringing you presidential colognes, high-grade denim and hot-towel shaves.

Think of the original spot in the North End. Now, imagine it in the Back Bay, seven times bigger and housing a barbershop manned by a master barber ready to dole out straight-razor shaves and haircuts while you shop (well, before or after you shop).

You’ll also find a lot more here: six different cuts of Tellason denim, handmade moccasins from Maine-based Rancourt & Co. and wool-cashmere blankets emblazoned with the American flag. There’s even a huge selection of grooming supplies courtesy of Imperial Barber Products (no word on a bottle of blue stuff) and the actual cologne styles George Washington and JFK used (it’s time you looked and smelled presidential).

And if you get here on Saturday, they’ll be partying with keg beer, shaves from their barber and even a master cobbler whipping up moccasins for you on the spot.

It’s not a party until you get a custom moccasin.


Ball and Buck Pop-Up
144B Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02116


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