Hardcore Phonography

Turning Your iPhone into a Victrola

None Steve Jobs: the Edison of his time.

Thomas Edison: also the Edison of his time.

So it’s about time these two giants collaborated on a mashup...

Introducing the Table Top Concert Hall, the most handsome combination of an antique speaker horn and your iPhone we’ve come across all day, available now.

This comes by way of a recent Illinois Institute of Technology graduate who set about seeing what could be done with a beautifully carved block of wood and the cast-iron innards of an old phonograph. Turns out, not much, really. The one thing it can do, it does really freaking well: it gives your MP3s those rich harmonics your great-grandfolks enjoyed while jamming to the latest Irving Berlin—all without electricity for the amplification.

When you order one, the designer can customize it to your specifications—you may want the block stained to match your sloop deck (or poolside patio deck, at least). Since the only electronics involved are with the iPhone/iPad it’s connected to, you don’t even really need to worry about a wave hitting it. Well, except of course if the iPhone is still attached at the time.

Then okay, worry.

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