The Beer Garden at Deep Ellum Brewery

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Deep Ellum Brewery’s New Beer Garden

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The best gifts are those that keep on giving.

Your waffle iron/alarm clock reminds you of this daily.

Well, downtown’s first brewery has one more little present for you, too...

Introducing The Beer Garden at Deep Ellum Brewery, a sprawling new playground of refined imbibery, now open during Saturday brewery tours.

You’re familiar with these beers—you’ve shared some intimate moments with the Dreamcrusher IPA at the Moth. Well, the parking lot at their brewery has been overhauled to look something like a rodeo arena—tall fences, gravel, cacti in wooden beer barrels and a massive stage. (More on that later.)

Now, to be clear, this isn’t your standard-issue bar—you can only come here after a brewery tour. Still, it has its uses—we see you and a group of fellow beer enthusiasts stopping by when you’re thirsty for suds and/or knowledge.

After the tour and a little brewing 101, the party begins. Outside, you’ll grab a taco from the SoCal truck (parked along the fence) and claim a picnic table. Order up something familiar, like the Darkest Hour (their rye imperial stout), or be a guinea pig for new concoctions like Farmhouse Wit. Then sit back, as the likes of Fish Fry Bingo take the stage.

Yes, that’s a band.


The Beer Garden at Deep Ellum Brewery
2821 St Louis St
Dallas, TX, 75226


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