Dr. Feelgood

The House Call, Now with More Hangover Cures

None For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton really nailed that one.

Because right about now, your body may or may not be reacting to your various weekend... activities.

In fact, you could probably use a licensed hangover doctor to come to your office and hook you up to an IV or something.

Good news: they exist now.

Meet the good doctors of 2U Medical, a crack team of discreet, not-so-traditional house call physicians who would be more than happy to meet you anywhere to take care of anything (and everything) that ails you, available now.

First off, yes, these are real doctors and nurses. The board-certified kind. And most importantly, the kind who don’t mind making house calls for the sole purpose of sharing their own secret hangover elixirs (we’re looking at you, IV filled with rehydrating fluids).

Here’s how it works: call them up. Tell them what’s broken. They come fix you.

That’s it.

And sure, you could always requisition their services for an annual physical or any other routine scenario. But they’d also be happy to meet you at the golf course with a cortisone shot. At your desk for a quick hit of B12. In front of the mirror for a Botox injection.

Who knows, maybe Joan Rivers stopped by for coffee.

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