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A Sexy New Cocktail Den in Uptown

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Once upon a time, people went to the library.

Those libraries had bookshelves.

So many bookshelves that they needed a rolling ladder to reach to the top.

Well, you probably see where this is going. Yep, punch bowl cocktails...

Presenting The Standard Pour, a sexy new lounge in the old Lotus spot, opening Friday.

First, a moment of silence for those vodka-fueled nights of dancing on the booths at Lotus. Your memory will live forever.

With that, we move on. Because the Sfuzzi gang has gutted and transformed this place into what looks like Al Capone’s home library: brown, tufted couches, encyclopedias from the 1800s, photos of people celebrating the end of Prohibition and a library of booze—replete with its own rolling ladder.

Inside you’ll be greeted by Brian, your old barkeep from Smoke. You can post up at the dark bar, order The Standard Pour (spoiler alert: whiskey’s involved) and down their burger, served with a quail egg.

But again, they’re serving cocktails in vintage punch bowls. Bring a crowd, park on the patio and choose from one of three options. Our pick: the Punch Royal—a cognac concoction based off the first punch made in the 1600s.

Shakespeare loved that sh*t.


The Standard Pour
2900 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75204


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