Swami Says

Surf Gear from Merry Old London

None Great surf capitals of the world:

Pipeline in Oahu.

Australia’s Gold Coast.

Anywhere Dick Dale happens to be.

And now, landlocked London...

Bust out the wax for Swami’s Surf Company, a UK outfit that’s somehow nailed the righteous art of surf gear, online now well in time for beach season.

What you’ve got here is the same culture that produced Savile Row putting its minds toward more... Kelly Slater–like pursuits. This means a lot of handsomeness, and a jolly good amount of bespoke options. Like hand-shaped boards made to your exact specifications. Also: starting this summer, tailor-made wetsuits (though a double-breasted windowpane might be tough to come by in neoprene).

Now, whether you’ve hung 10 before or not, you’re going to make damn sure it looks like you have. Thus: you’ll talk with a shaper about your local conditions (not as important if you’ll be mounting the board to the wall), and your height, weight, hopes and dreams. Then: they’ll make it. Once it’s yours, you’ll practice your pop-ups a bit, run out like you know what you’re doing and paddle mightily.

And for further credibility: some nattier-than-they-need-to-be beach tees, blankets and rucksacks, some of which were designed by Paul Smith.

Go ahead, call your board “Sir.”

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