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Your Grill Is Now a Pizza Oven

None The right tool for the right job.

Not a bad philosophy. You wouldn’t dare heli-board without your trusty Bell 407-GX ’copter. You’re not a savage.

But in the world of great pizza cooking, the right tool means building a giant pizza oven—with bricks kilned from Mount Vesuvius—that was designed by a team of the world’s leading pizza-oven architects.

Barring that, there’s this: KettlePizza, a simple device that turns an everyday backyard barbecue grill into a sublime pizza-making machine, available now.

Basically, what you have is a metal O-ring that raises the dome top of your kettle barbecue away from the grill. No, it’s not exactly high tech. But now you can slide your pizza in and out of the grill, helping you achieve and maintain a toasty 750 degrees. NASA couldn’t do much better.

This arrives with perfect timing: temperatures will hit the 60s this week, and as we all know, that’s pizza weather. So you’ll invite a bunch of thin-crust connoisseurs over for a little soiree on your terrace. They’ll be required to bring two things: their favorite piece of kindling and their favorite pizza topping. Of course, they’ll probably figure out what you’re up to before they get there.

But at least you can silently judge the guy who brings that damn pineapple.

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