The Night Stuff

Immortalizing Yourself Through Embroidery

None Johnny Cash.

Hunter S. Thompson.

Macho Man Randy Savage.

You’ve got a lot more in common with them than you might think.

Sometimes you wear black. You’ve both feared and loathed Las Vegas at some point in your life. And you too like to snap into the occasional Slim Jim.

That, and you’re all about to be... embroidered.

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of All Night Diner, an Atlanta-based Etsy shop solely dedicated to immortalizing you through the lost medium of embroidery, taking custom orders now.

Sewing. Not exactly your thing. But there’s something about having someone hand-stitch that picture of you glad-handing Desmond Tutu at last year’s Save the Mediterranean Monk Seal campaign that makes it all okay.

And that’s exactly what a girl named Amanda Flex and her husband, James, will gladly do for you. Drop them a line, tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll go to work turning it into a reality. An embroidered, possibly awkward reality.

But if you’re not into the whole “having someone sew a bunch of little yous” thing, they’ve also got plenty of premade options, up to and including one of Johnny Cash holding up his middle finger to the world, Hunter S. Thompson smoking a cigarette and Freddie Mercury doing whatever Freddie Mercury does.

The attention to mustache detail is astounding.

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