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A Venice Emporium of Badassery (and Coffee)

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You just realized you forgot a few things on yesterday’s shopping list.

A T-shirt. A surfboard. A motorcycle. And you could really use some coffee while you’re out...

In the name of convenience, you should just pay a visit to Deus Ex Machina, a rugged Venice emporium of bikes, boards, clothes and caffeine, opening next week.

This name may ring a bell for a couple reasons. One, it’s the term for a not-so-great plot device. And two, this company’s custom bikes are already pretty big in Australia (and this large wood-paneled cavern is their first US outpost).

Inside you’ll start small, perusing racks of Deus Ex Machina denim, chinos and big canvas bags. But then you’ll notice the gleaming surfboards. Turns out, they’ll shape, paint, glass and sand one right here for you—any style, from classic single-fin to... pretty much anything you want.

Speaking of building, they’ve also got a bunch of Aussies with wrenches on standby, willing to crank out custom, retro-ish motorcycles that look like something McQueen would ride through the outback. (Or what Orlando Bloom would ride down Mulholland. His is almost done, actually.)

Before you go: a salad and a cup of Handsome Coffee from the indoor-outdoor café.

Motorcycles always make you hungry.


Deus Ex Machina
1001 Venice Blvd
Venice, CA, 90291


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