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A Sexy New Wine Bar in Bishop Arts

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With six days to go, it’s time to address your Valentine’s Day checklist.

Flowers: ordered.

Reservations: booked.

Surprise dinner performance by Burt Bacharach: scheduled.

After-dinner wine spot: ...


Allow us to help with Whitehall Exchange, a dark conclave of wine and libations tucked away in the Bishop Arts District, now open.

This is where Roger Sterling might have taken his “secretary” on Valentine’s Day Eve (also known as Mistress Day, as you’ll undoubtedly be shocked to discover). There’s a restored tin ceiling, old stained-glass windows and ’60s-era floral chairs. (Alas, no sign of Christina Hendricks.)

So let’s say it’s around 10pm and your dinner at Hattie’s went well. (Your insightful deconstruction of Facebook’s IPO was a hit.) That’s when you’ll head here—a brick building with a giant trolley painted on it. (So yeah: pretty easy to spot.)

Tip: there’s a flat-screen at the bar if you want to grab your date a chocolatini and yourself a sidecar (or an update on the Stars game). But if you require something more private, head to the dark nook in the back and claim the tufted teal couch. Here you’ll commandeer a bottle of cabernet, get a little closer... begin talking a little softer...

You both agree Jamie Benn is having an amazing season.


Whitehall Exchange
500 N Bishop Ave
Dallas, TX, 75208


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