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The B&Bs You Never Knew Existed

Sorry, but this information is not for you. See, the unofficial, not-so-Hallmark-related holiday known as Mistress Day (it’s V-Day Eve, by the way) approaches. And considering Atlanta isn’t necessarily known for its bed and breakfast scene, taking cover at one of these select venues may or may not be the perfect way to tryst up for the evening. For someone else.

Shellmont Inn

Shellmont Inn

Mistress Profile: The Senator’s Daughter
The Bed: Go for the Eastlake Room. You’ll be surrounded by antique furniture, Oriental rugs and curved walls. There’s also a fireplace about a foot away from the bed. Presumably for s’mores breaks.
The Breakfast: Belgian waffles and bacon (and maybe some shame) in the 1890s-style dining room.

Sugar Magnolia Bed & Breakfast

Sugar Magnolia Bed & Breakfast

Mistress Profile: The Southern Belle
The Bed: The Cottage Suite is the play here. It’s separate from the main house and has a fireplace, an oversized jacuzzi tub and its own kitchen.
The Breakfast: Delivered to your cottage by the owners themselves. Here’s hoping they don’t have loose lips.

The Beverly Hills Inn

The Beverly Hills Inn

Mistress Profile: The Ghost Whisperer
The Bed: Preferably one on the third floor. This place used to be an apartment home for widowed women back in the late 1920s, and apparently that’s where a few of them decided to stick around in ghost form. And occasionally tuck people in. Yes, there will be spooning.
The Breakfast: Pancakes on the balcony. With floating old ladies.

The Social Goat Bed and Breakfast

The Social Goat Bed and Breakfast

Mistress Profile: The Animal Lover
The Bed: You’ll want the privacy of the stand-alone Carriage House, but that’s not important right now. But it is important to know that during your stay, you’ll be hanging out with two Nigerian dwarf goats and a few roosters that live on the property. It’s like a petting zoo, only... romantic.
The Breakfast: Probably eaten by goats.

Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast

Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast

Mistress Profile: The Budding Starlet
The Bed: This place has been the subject of countless photo shoots. So that spiral staircase in the center of the super-industrial, two-story Michael’s Suite may just be the perfect backdrop for your own photographic endeavors. Guard the evidence carefully.
The Breakfast: We’re sure it’s fine. But you should probably just walk down the street to Highland Bakery instead.

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