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Yesterday was very productive from a sitting and beer-drinking perspective.

Today, there’s only one natural thing to do: keep it going.

Meet The Foundry, Dallas’s next giant leap into the world of beer-gardening, now open.

This place comes from the grillmasters at Smoke, and looks like what would happen if Stallone (circa Over the Top) opened a huge shrine to beer: picnic tables, four massive semi-truck trailers... gravel. (So much gravel.) Plus an inside that looks like someone opened a bar in a garage—because that’s basically what they did.

You’ll come here to grab a round of cold ones with, say, your softball team. (It’s never too early for spring training.) On a milder day like today, head inside to the concrete bar for some Deep Ellum Double Brown Stouts. (Sadly, not delivered in a Gatorade cooler.) Then claim the black pool table in the corner for a game of nine-ball.

But when it warms up, you’ll venture to that sprawling courtyard we mentioned. Grab a whiskey and post up at a table in one of those aforementioned trailers. Or stand in front of the stage—it’s made entirely of pallets, you can’t miss it—and take in a local band.

No, they won’t play “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall...”


The Foundry
2303 Pittman St
Dallas, TX, 75208


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