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The Secret Bar in Back of Cane Rosso

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Tonight could be one of those nights.

The kind of night where you go out for a simple slice of pizza, stumble upon a secret door and then, boom: you’re holding an Old Fashioned and screaming, “Bingo!”

The kind of night that takes you to Hid in 2612, a pop-up cocktail den in the new private room at Cane Rosso, open tonight for a fly-by week of cocktailing.

You’re familiar with Bar 828, the pop-up bar in Bishop Arts. Well, the guys behind that have partnered with Cane Rosso on this place. Imagine Warhol’s Factory—there are neon lights, a headless mannequin in a frame and chandeliers made of jars—but with the much-needed addition of a full-time bartender.

Your journey begins inside Cane Rosso. Make your way to the back hallway and head through the door. Inside, you’ll be welcomed by a DJ on your right and vintage couches on your left. But first: the bar, where the gents from the Cedars Social will pour you a drink.

As you settle into one of the green lounge chairs in the corner, you’ll be handed a bingo card. Correction: a hipster bingo card—because instead of numbers, the boxes say things like skinny jeans, Chuck Taylors and tattoo sleeves.

Also, free space.


Hid in 2612
at Cane Rosso
2612 Commerce St
Dallas, TX, 75226


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