Eternal Sunshine

Glasses That Improve Your Mood

None It’s Friday.

The day when all your weekly concerns disappear, and the weekend shows up to brighten your mood.

Too bad you can’t feel like this every day.

Oh wait, you can. All you have to do is wear a funny-looking pair of glasses.

Behold: the Seqinetic, a Back to the Future II-ish set of mood-enhancing glasses that mimic the beneficial effects of the sun on your face, available now.

These are the kind of thing a 1955-era Doc Brown would have invented in his home laboratory (after testing them on his dog Copernicus, of course). But actually, they were cooked up by a trio of mechanical engineers (who know a thing or two about being deprived of sunlight).

How they work: each pair of glasses is outfitted with six LED lights powered by AAA batteries. When you don the spectacles, those LED lights hit a reflector that bounces soft white light onto your face, all without blasting it directly into your retinas (most good moods are spoiled by temporary blindness).

After about 30 minutes, according to science (and these guys), your energy will spike and your mood will improve, the same way a little sunshine perks up your spirits on dark days.

Next up: hoverboards. Please.

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