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Meet Your New Lumberjack

None So there’s this lumberjack we want you to meet.

He’s even got a lumberjack name. Darwin.

Anyway, he owns a little custom woodworking outfit called Urban Reclaimed. And sure, he’d be happy to build you a table, some chairs or any other standard miscellany (it’s all from Atlanta trees). But the kicker: he’ll also custom-build anything else you can possibly dream up.

Anything. No, really, we checked...

The Crock-Pot Rocking Chair
Super Bowl’s coming up. Which means (among other things) chips, dip and sitting in chairs. So you should definitely consider ordering a rocking chair with a built-in bowl for chips on one arm and a crock-pot wired into the other. No one outsits you.

The Face Canoe
Picture a handmade canoe. Now picture it with a wooden replica of your face mounted on the bow. And there you have it... face canoe. Yes, it can be done and it can be yours.

The Wooden Polo Shirt
You heard us. It’s a polo made out of wood. He’ll even throw a few hinges on the collar for full popabilty. Casual Fridays just got awkward.

The Secret Bookcase Door
You need one of these. On the outside: a harmless bookcase. On the other side: your bedroom, a bowling alley or maybe Batman. Either way... secret door.
Note: <a target="_blank" href="">Urban Reclaimed</a>, taking requests now for custom jobs, <a href="">email here</a>

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