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Uptown’s New Neighborhood Bar

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Here we are. The first Tuesday of 2012. So naturally, you’re thinking about one thing:


Allow us to help...

Meet The Mason Bar, an Uptown watering hole housed in the ’50s-era Metropolitan Lodge with the chef from the Underground Dinners, opening January 13.

Yep, it’s true: Underground Dinners no longer involves waiting lists, sketchy locations or secret handshakes. Instead, you can just head here. The place has been overhauled by a Trees alum—there are two arched windows worthy of a church, eight beer taps worthy of... not a church, and for kicks: some old concert posters and paintings of Aaron Spelling and the Duke of Kent. (So you’ll be in good company.)

You’ll come here after, say, a heated bocce ball tournament at Griggs Park. You and your fellow world-class athletes will grab one of the two dark oak communal tables and order up some gin cocktails and gumbo from their New Orleans–influenced menu. Or if you’re here to charm a kindly bocce-ette, get comfortable in the green banquette by the Old 97’s concert poster and have some wild mushroom risotto and braised pork shoulder.

And in a few months, you’ll be able to sneak off into their basement lounge for an after-dinner cocktail.

You need to celebrate your bocce league championship somewhere.


The Mason Bar
2701 Guillot St
Dallas, TX, 75204


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