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A Secret Lounge on Henderson

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Today, we have a little secret.

It concerns a Henderson sushi joint. A hidden back room. And countless bottles of bubbly.

Discreetly whisper hello to Axiom Lounge, a hush-hush lounge of martinis and bright lights tucked away inside Sushi Axiom, opening tomorrow.

Imagine the set of Tron as a nightclub, and you’ve got this place. Blue walls, neon-ish LED lights and a light-up shelf behind the bar. (Olivia Wilde in all-latex: TBD.)

As we mentioned, you’ll start by stepping inside Sushi Axiom. Make a left past the wine room and head through the beaded door by the bar. (Follow the light and the thumping.) Inside, you’ll be greeted by a long white bar on the left and a DJ booth on the right. Make your way toward the dance floor—the robot seems appropriate—as lasers bounce off the walls. (Oh, right: there are lasers.)

Post-dance, head to a booth in the corner for some martinis and sushi rolls. We’re thinking the Pineapple Express, made with salmon, pineapple and avocado.

Nothing fuels your dancing like pineapple.


Axiom Lounge
in Sushi Axiom
2323 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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