Dirty Dancing

A Den of Late-Night Tapas and Flamenco

None Sooner or later, it happens to everyone.

It’s 3am. Somewhere on the Strip. You’re not sure where you are. You’re not sure what happened. But there’s a man with a wiffle bat and a piñata. And he’s chasing you.

What you need: a place to lose the guy on your trail. Also: maybe some tapas.

Which brings us to Marbella, your new home for small plates, flamenco dance-offs and post-Palms paella refueling, opening Thursday.

It’s a red-washed replica of a bar on the Costa del Sol, and it’s where you’ll go when you want to hang out with erstwhile ballroom instructors (and when don’t you), drink a variety pack of Latin American cocktails (mojitos, caipirinhas) and take down mounds of ceviche. You’ll sample small plates of both Spanish food (anchovy boquerones) and American food (burgers) to prep for when the place turns into a sultry den of dance. The appointed hour: around 10pm.

And after you’ve mastered the finer points of flamenco (you’re a natural), consider booking the restaurant for a private party, where you’ll dance circles around your companions into the wee hours while the staff rolls out late-night breakfast.

Also known as early-morning dinner.


4561 Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV, 89103

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