Caviar, Certified Kobe and Mesquite-Fired Seafood Towers at Scotch 80 Prime

Plus One of the Biggest Whisky Collections in the U.S.

By Jason Harris ·

Someday, you may find yourself eating at other steakhouses.

Once you've had enough Basquiat-adjacent caviar and A5 Kobe.

And sufficiently dabbled in one of the country's biggest scotch collections.

Until that day, it's Scotch 80 Prime, an almost unfairly asset-rich new steakhouse now open within the extensively reinvigorated Palms Casino Resort. See the space (and the steak) right here.

Next time a special red meat occasion arises, lead a supergroup of friends, loved ones and random strangers you just met by the slots into this gleaming network of marble, leather and gold-accented dining rooms bearing a mind-boggling cache of vintage whisky. Pass through. Admire the Hirst, Basquiat and Warhols. Then proceed to your patio table to let the madness begin.

Picture barrel-aged negronis here. Johnny Walker-spiked mules there. You and your charming neighbor observing a tableside cocktail cart basing personalized Old Fashioneds on your shared fondness for tequila. The outlook is good.

Then sure enough, legendary local steakhouse vet Barry Dakake will materialize to light a seafood tower on fire. And blow minds with his root beer-glazed bacon and Scotch onion soup. Shortly before a panoply of farm-raised beef appears in the shape of dry-aged Washington ribeyes, Chicago porterhouse steaks, Kansas tomahawks and certified Japanese A5 Kobe.

Nightcaps will follow, naturally. Allowing you the opportunity to engage with a resident scotch master overseeing $3 million of rare whisky.

At which point, all discussion of the heist must cease.

Jason Harris

Jason Harris is a writer and comedian based out of Las Vegas. He knows every good pizza spot in town and can tell you which taco truck in Chinatown to visit. When his brother got engaged, his mother called him and asked, "Are you alright?"

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