Porky Insanity From a Mexican Top Chef

Pig Head Carnitas and Mole Fajitas Join Your After-Work Margaritas

By Jason Harris ·
Linda Evans

Is that table eating out of a pig's head?

Should I try the eyeball tacos?

What salsa pairs best with pig jowl?

These are the sobering questions you'll ask these days at Hussong's Cantina, which has been newly injected with a carnivorous, special menu from Katsuji Tanabe of Top Chef fame. Check out some options in this slideshow.

Sure, Hussong's has been here at the shoppes at Mandalay Place for a while. You've even been known to stop by for a Blackberry Splash margarita after wandering over from adjoining Luxor. Sometimes even intentionally. Now you have a fresh new reason to come in with some drinking partners and stay for dinner.

Start with the chef's take on chicharrón, where his Mexican/Japanese heritage is on display in a puffed pig skin made with chile togarashi maple syrup. Following that, you could try tacos de ojos, which sounds so much prettier than "cow eyeball tacos." And his fajitas are unlike most you'll see, with mole amarillo drizzled on sizzling beef, shishito peppers and braised onions. 

That might arguably be enough for some people. But then there's the whole matter of the pig's head you've pre-ordered. Which is about to land on your table bearing carnitas for everyone to pack their tortillas with in a wanton display of ravenous joy.

Shortly before it sparks deeply divided feelings on your social media.

Jason Harris

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