Ghostlight Tour

Ghosting Up

A One-Night-Only Ghost Hunt at the Fox

None Ah, the Fox Theatre.

You know the place.

Been around since 1929. Ornate beyond comprehension. Haunted as hell.

And seeing as the season of paranormal activity (and sexy nurses) is well upon us, let’s dig a little deeper into that last part.

A good start: carte blanche access to the theater’s previously forbidden—and allegedly super-haunted—backstage hinterlands.

A good finish: cocktails and Psycho on the big screen.

Welcome to the Ghostlight Tour, a one-night-only impromptu ghost hunt behind the curtain of one of the most undead locations in the city, taking reservations now for October 30.

Yes, you can take a “ghost tour” of the Fox with some other outfits in town. But in a selfless act of Halloweenism, the Foxy powers that be have agreed to take you beyond the fourth wall and into areas never before seen by civilian eyes.

Which means, among other things, that you’ll be drifting through secret doors, navigating clandestine hallways and sussing out the most likely spots to run into that floating Confederate soldier head you’ve heard so much about (like that genie from Pee-wee’s Playhouse, only horrifying).

And then, when it’s all said and done (assuming you remembered not to cross the streams), it’s off to the Egyptian Ballroom for a screening of Psycho.

Floating Confederate head guy loves that movie.


Ghostlight Tour
at the Fox Theatre
660 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30308

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