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A Temple of Sports in Victory Park

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You have nothing against St. Louis. You’ll even order a Bud Heavy on occasion.

But right now, they’re standing between you, a World Series championship and getting the Cowboys back to .500.

You need a spot to support Texas. You need a screen straight from the AMC. You need...

... The Fan Sports Lounge, a new sacred temple of all things sports, soft-opening today in the old Boardroom space.

Picture a movie theater. Throw in some TVs (26 flat-screens), an HD projection screen (120 inches), some beer (six taps), some sports memorabilia (a signed Tony Stewart fire suit worth $20K), and you’ll have this place.

For a regular game—like Sunday’s skirmish against the Rams—just grab a stool at the marble bar and commandeer some PBR. But for bigger events—Wednesday night’s battle qualifies—you’ll want to grab some buddies, pile into a booth and tell them to keep the sweet potato tater tots coming. And finally, when you need privacy—your wiffle ball league trophy ceremonies can get emotional—you’ll want to reserve the back room, which has two brown leather couches, two 3D TVs and a Wii for each TV.

Oh, and you might have noticed a radio booth when you walked in. CBS will be broadcasting 140 shows here a year, so you can take in a game right next to their crew.

No, they won’t do play-by-play when you order hot wings.

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