Fold Rush

A Foldable Boat from the UK

None Camping. Gets on the mind this time of year.

Especially after last year, when you learned most rivers and lakes aren’t ideal for your fully restored and modernized antique, 97-foot Argentine yacht (thus, The Dapper Playbuoy shall stay docked in Antigua this trip).

A new option in boats is needed.

And we just found it.

Meet the Foldboat, a small boat imported from the UK that performs in a manner fully suggested by its name, available online now.

Fade in: you and some buddies are packing up the cars for an October jaunt up to said buddies’ favorite spot along the Pemigewasset River somewhere in New Hampshire (it’s the one with the big log... and porta-potties). Once all the beers, burgers, dogs, sausages, brats, kielbasas and tofu are packed up (Matt is a vegan now), you’ll throw an eye toward your recently acquired polyethylene (aka plastic) rowboat and oars sitting on the grass (they’re behind the giant keg floatie).

In about three minutes, you’ll simply fold down the boat as flat as a sheet and throw it in the back of the van (get a big van—it’s about eight feet in length when compact), and toss the oars in, too. It even comes with sealed waterproof pillows, which double as flotation devices.

These things are worth their weight in gold on the van ride home.

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