Krrb Your Enthusiasm

Unloading Your Stuff, No Sketchiness

None Spring cleaning.

Sometimes it takes place in the fall. Or whenever you get around to realizing that the Shake Weight you bought on Black Friday wasn’t the wisest purchase you could have made.

In any case, you’ve got stuff. Stuff that you need to unload. Here’s a tool to help you: Krrb, a neighborhood-oriented database of things for sale in your city, now launching in Miami both online and on the iPhone.

Think of this as a less-sketchy version of Craigslist, a place where you’ll connect with people based on proximity. Like the person living in your building who just happens to have a giant abstract print of sea kelp that would look perfect above your couch.

You’ll start by entering your location, then sift through listings based on distance, anywhere from less than a mile—“the ’hood,” in the words of the site—to a half-hour drive to more distant locales. Everyone creates a profile, and the idea is to find or dispose of things while also getting to know your neighbor.

Or you could just go over and ask for some sugar.

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