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Very Serious Cocktails on Mockingbird

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You’ll say this for the corporate consultants of America:

Some of them make one hell of a Manhattan.

Or at least they do at The People’s Last Stand, a new cocktail lounge hidden away in Mockingbird Station, soft-opening this Friday.

This is what happens when a Deloitte consultant leaves corporate USA and opens a watering hole. (Smart move.)

The decor’s strictly no-frills: concrete floors, wooden tables and white walls covered by artwork from a local painter. (Something about the abstract naked woman speaks to you.)

You and a date may find yourselves here after taking in Moneyball at the Angelika. Grab a stool at the bar, where you’ll find your drinks—say, The Great White Jail (it’s what Truman called the White House, and it’s made with cinnamon-infused bourbon and ginger beer)—are a bit more frilly. The mixers are all-organic, and they’ll have not one but four types of ice. Because five would be absurd.

You’ll get your date a Mui Thai (a tiki drink with gin) from the cocktail menu while anything from N.W.A. to the Kooks fills the room. And as you sip on a People’s Old Fashioned (with maple syrup), order the Biggie and Tupac PB&J from the sandwich menu.

We hear Tupac liked to take the crusts off.


The People’s Last Stand
5319 E Mockingbird Ln, Ste 210
Dallas, TX, 75206


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