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None 4 Photos Jack Spade Southwick Collection
You’ve had a good run this summer.

Actually, you’ve had several. A mile here. A marathon there. Then there was all the sailing (hey, swinging jibs really works the arms). You’re looking good.

The downside: last season’s suits are a bit loose on you. Time to restock.

Presenting the Jack Spade Southwick Collection, the first line of tailored suits ever offered by the brand thanks to a partnership with a local master tailor, available now on Newbury Street.

You already know Jack Spade as your go-to when you need a canvas bag that’s durable yet eccentrically sexy. Well, now they’re doing suits for the first time.

Their partner in crime for this undertaking: Southwick, a Haverhill-based company that’s been pumping out high-end suits since 1929 (chances one of Nucky Thompson’s guys sported one of these: fair).

Your full-suit options include everything from gray flannel to navy to charcoal (aka the Presentation Slayer), and if you just need a new blazer for Saturday night, they’ve got them in hopsack and herringbone (think Indiana Jones meets the Financial District).

And because you’ll want to add a layer of protection to your new sartorial investment, they’ve even produced a line of camel-hair and cashmere topcoats, also customizable to your steely visage.

Once again proving that camels are man’s best friend.


Jack Spade Southwick Collection
available at Jack Spade
129 Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02116


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