AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi

Easy AMI

Jackets and Suits from a Frenchman

None Your mind fights it.

Your summer tan fights it.

Hell, the blue LA sky fights it.

But the fact is: today is the first day of autumn. So at some point very soon, you might want a nice sweater or a jacket or something.

Which means you should take a look at AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi, a new line that’ll warm you up in dapper wool and a touch of Frenchness, available starting today at Barneys.

So yeah, it’s that time of year. Chillier. Darker earlier. Fallen-leaf-ier.

That’s where AMI comes in. It’s a new line from a stylish French guy (he used to work for Marc Jacobs), and it’s got lots of gray cable-knit sweaters, denim jackets, camel topcoats—even some slim-cut pinstripe suits—to class up whatever football game/happy hour/bris you’re attending this fall.

The look’s classic, vaguely Euro in a good way, nothing crazy—and you’ll have a buffer against those cruel, cruel gusts of harsh LA winds.

You’re pretty sure you just saw a palm tree rustle.


AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi
at Barneys New York
9570 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

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