This Place Wants to Elevate Your Workout Gear

The Best Thing to Happen to Your Workout Uniform Since... Ever

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The next time you’re at the gym, take a good look around.



All the more reason for Kilter to exist. It’s a little shop packed with the type of workout gear you wouldn’t mind your exes or TMZ catching you in, and it’s now soft-open in Culver City’s Platform. Check it out here.

What a svelte figure this bantam shop cuts. And it’s full of nice stuff to wear to yoga or boxing or cryo-circus antigravity paddleboarding. Or whatever.

You’ll want to carefully consider...

—Reigning Champ’s quick-drying long-sleeve crewneck. Since it appears El Niño is rallying.

—A lightweight Outdoor Voices hoodie. For shadowboxing and brisk walks from your car into coffee shops.

—An everyday pair of ripstop-fabric shorts. You knew there’d be shorts.

—Alchemy Equipment’s hybrid jacket with Italian-made fleece and not even a millimeter of day-glo.

—Shatterproof Japanese sunglasses for land and water. Your bodysurfing game is officially upgraded.

—Liquid hand soap. Just really good-smelling hand soap.

—A waxed-cotton and leather Billykirk duffel.

It’s about time leather found a place in your workout.


8850 Washington Blvd, Ste 102
Culver City, CA, 90232


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