Every Shirt, Suit and Jacket Here Will Fit You Perfectly

Plus They Have Whiskey

By Hadley Tomicki ·
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It’s St. Patrick’s Day.

So today, you’ll have whiskey with a beer.

Next week, though, you’ll have whiskey with a suit.

At Sene, a menswear operation making each and every garment both specifically for you and entirely from scratch. It opens Wednesday on La Brea, and here’s the slideshow.

The whole glassed front of this shop glows like a light box. Come inside and find a significant number of everyday essentials and finer things just sort of floating from the shelves. This is where you’ll pick up oxfords, wool blazers, field jackets, herringbone pants and basic tees. And get to touch stuff.

Then, bring those things into the store’s more refined midsection, where you’ll be tendered whiskey as you’re scrupulously measured, and your style and fit preferences will be saved for future sprees.

Hang out on the stately furniture to finish your grain. Meanwhile, all the clothes you’re into will be otherwise busy being cut from scratch and made stitch by stitch. In three to 15 days, they’ll have everything sent straight to your door.

During which time you’ll bear untold resentment toward your old yet still totally necessary clothes.
Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.


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