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Finally, what you’ve been asking for: a James Beard award-winning, around-the-clock destination for lobster burgers. Here we bring you your first look inside the new 24-hour Central by Michel Richard, along with a meal-by-meal breakdown of the scene.

Breakfast: 9:30-11am
What: The Central Breakfast (two eggs, three meats, hash browns and toast) with a Brittany Bulleit—basically a mimosa, with bourbon.
Where: As close to the floor-to-ceiling windows as possible—you haven’t seen natural light in three days.
Who you’ll see: A 5-member stilettoed bachelorette party; 3 11-year-old pageant competitors (and their mothers); at least 4 Piven look-alikes facing the cold, harsh light of reality.

Lunch: 3-3:40pm
What: Deviled eggs, a lobster burger with fries and Trappist beer on tap.
Where: At the frosted-glass bar.
Who you’ll see: 8 Caesars guests in neon bikinis and sheer cover-ups; 4 suits (and 1 skirt-suit) spread over 3 business lunches; 4 Deadmau5 fans from Idaho.

Dinner: 8:15-10:15pm
What: Michel’s Faux Gras (chicken liver pureed in butter), lamb shank with creamy polenta, the sparkler-garnished Celebration Cake and a single malt, neat.
Where: Out on the 20-table patio.
Who you’ll see: At least 3 bright-eyed off-duty showgirls; 4 casino executives; 7 (or so) cigar-toting bachelors; 2 middle-aged couples who may or may not be into swinging.

Preventive/Recovery Measures: 3:30-4:45am
What: Filet mignon tartare, fried chicken with smashed potatoes, a bacon cheeseburger (why not), fries, and mac and cheese. And a plate of prosciutto. And the cheesecake.
Where: As far away from the rotating rotisserie chickens as possible—you need to focus.
Who you’ll see: At least 3 bleary-eyed off-duty showgirls; 1 high roller buying rounds of tequila shots; 3 of said bachelors—we’ve got 4 men down—counting chips at the bar; 1 straggling cougar.


Central by Michel Richard
at Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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