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A Cocktail Lounge Disguised as a Movie Theater

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And now, a brief history of courtship:

10,000 BC: Neanderthals drag each other around by the hair. Flirting is born.

1338-ish: Medieval sword-wielding types invent chivalry. Damsels rejoice.

1896: America’s first moving picture show debuts in NYC. Dinner-and-a-movie date conceived.

This Friday: You and your date feast upon habanero-glazed pork tenderloin while quaffing Perrier-Jouët Fleur Brut. In a movie theater.

Dinner-and-a-movie rolls over in its grave...

Say hello to CinéBistro, a slick and polished, adults-only (yes, 21 and up) cocktail lounge that also plays first-run movies, opening Friday in Brookhaven.

We know. You’ve been to a few movie theaters in town where they’d be happy to offer you a cocktail. Maybe even dinner. But at the end of the day, it all just feels so... bush league.

At least it will once you feast your eyes on this scenario—towering brick walls, flickering candlelight, tan leather couches, granite communal tables, Milk Dud butlers (just kidding, but it’s a good idea).

Your evening begins at the “concierge” desk, where you’ll pick your seats from a touchscreen display. Bank left and you’ll hit the massive granite bar brimming with booze of every stripe, bottles of Cakebread (and about 45 others) and heady pints of Guinness. Go ahead, drink things. Then grab a seat in one of the leathery nooks by the window and labor over Oven Baked Goat Cheese and blackened rib eyes with bacon-wrapped asparagus.

Or you could just go watch Moneyball or something.

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