Planète Femmes

Photo Hunt

An Amateur Photography Contest Involving Women

None Consider women.

They’re everywhere.

Going places. Doing things. And generally just being photogenic.

We may have found a way for you to capitalize on that last part...

Introducing Planète Femmes (yes, the world of women)—an amateur photography contest involving you, a camera and females, accepting entries now through September 21.

Here’s what you’ll need to do: live your life. Do what you do. But at the same time, remain vigilant. Because your objective in this little photographic escapade is to capture images of everyday Southern women in their natural habitats (the froyo jungle can be unforgiving this time of year).

And while you’re doing that, your counterparts from countries all around the world will be doing the same. Submit your two favorite pics, and if the “jury” over at the Alliance Française d’Atlanta (it’s like a French cultural embassy) deems them worthy of top billing in the city, they’ll be shipped to Paris and judged side by side against other female-centric photos from around the world.

Also worth mentioning: if you win, they’ll ship you to Paris as well.

Win-win doesn’t even begin to describe that.


Planète Femmes
at the Alliance Française d’Atlanta
1197 Peachtree St NE
(Colony Square, Plaza Level)
Atlanta, GA, 30361


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