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Golf Training on a Giant Wall

None So there’s this big wall in Buckhead.

(But wait, there’s more.)

It’s the only one of its kind in the state. We also hear Mick Jagger has one. So that’s... neat.

But since you may or may not be eagerly awaiting the latest edition of Wall Enthusiast Quarterly, allow us to cut to the chase.

This one helps you with your golf game. And soon enough, your tennis game.

It’s called a Kinesis Wall, and you’ll need it to take part in the new Golf & Tennis Training Classes at Pinnacle Fitness, registering now for their thrice-weekly sessions.

Now about that wall. It’s basically a 25-foot-long, 8-foot-tall behemoth capable of doling out over 500 resistance training exercises using a complex network of grips, cables, weight stacks and maniacal laughter (it’s laughing with you, not at you).

After showing up to the industrial, white-on-white gym, you’ll convene with five to seven classmates, drink some wheatgrass or something and prepare to meet your kinesis-y maker.

Your trainer will take you through a series of golf-specific exercises (tennis classes are coming in September) designed to increase your range of motion, club speed and accuracy, as well as targeting the specific muscles used in a golf swing.

What this means for you: Tiger-like agility, the strength of a thousand Gilmores and a newfound appreciation for big purple walls.

But mostly just the first two.


Golf & Tennis Training Classes
at Pinnacle Fitness
3215 Cains Hill Pl NW
Atlanta, GA, 30305

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