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Italian Shirts and Suits in Copley Place

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Rainy Mondays.

They conjure up a strong desire for shelter.

The best kind: those offering fine Italian suits and rare, high-IQ fabrics.

So allow us to present Ermenegildo Zegna, your new refuge for straight-from-Milan styling, VIP-grade tailoring and strong coffee, now open at Copley Place.

Consider this the stone, wood and cognac-hued style emporium you’d have in your flat had you not just renovated the east wing last month into a spa (one needs a good eucalyptus steam after a heavy night out, after all).

Clothes-wise, this place has just about everything: dress shirts. Ties. High-end tracksuits (aka midday casino wear). And don’t miss running your hands across their sporty jackets, which use “intelligent fabric” that automatically adapts to weather conditions to regulate body heat (we hear they also scored high in AP meteorology).

But maybe you’re thinking bigger, like a new suit made of 100,000-thread-count Andes vicuña fabric for an upcoming dinner with Tom Brady (who also happens to be a client here). For that, you’ll head back to their tailor shop, where you’ll discuss/ideate/construct your made-to-measure masterpiece in as little as 20 minutes over an espresso.

And if you’re extra-busy, they can come to you.

Just make sure you’re well stocked in espresso.


Ermenegildo Zegna
at Copley Place
100 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA, 02116


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