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Where to Get a Shave and a Haircut

Vacation season. For you, that means the South of France with your A-list counterpart. <i>Hangover-</i>esque scruff will not suffice. Thankfully, there are blade experts close by to groom you to Cary Grant-ian levels. We took the liberty of breaking them down for you.

The South End Classic

The South End Classic

What You Want: A classic cut followed by a straight-edge razor, hot-lather neck shave via the blonde female owner.
When to Get It: You’ve just clocked out, and need to shape up your poker face before meeting the fellas at the local North End speakeasy.

Haircut with straight-edge neck shave, $23, Barbershop Deluxe, 288 Columbus Ave, 617-425-1928

Gonzo-ish Barbering, Venezuelan-Style

Gonzo-ish Barbering, Venezuelan-Style

What You Want: A facial shave and cut while being serenaded by timbales, sipping a cordial and reading the history of Che.
When to Get It: Before your date with that Latina swimsuit model. Rum. Tito Puente. Rehashed mafia stories. Your pregame triple threat.

Manny’s Barbershop, 3 Alton Pl, Brookline, 617-277-3001

Careful Upkeep of the High and Tight

Careful Upkeep of the High and Tight

What You Want: A tight haircut complete with a fade and maybe a design or two by a barber named Christmas who used to take care of Manny Ramirez’s braids.
When to Get It: When the Sox go on a four-game win streak, and you want to get a picture of Pedroia etched in your head.

Shave or fade, $17; designs, $17-$20, Cut N Edge, 410 Massachusetts Ave, 617-867-9200

Catching the Game with a Shave

Catching the Game with a Shave

What You Want: Classic hot-towel facial shave and hair color blending (we hear frosting may be making a comeback) while sitting in leather, looking up at your own private flat-screen.
When to Get It: When you want to catch the game and listen to a barrage of Southie stories from Cliffy the barber. Please, no Whitey questions.

Facial shave, $25; color blending, $40, Luxury Box, 500 E Broadway, South Boston, 617-752-4729

VIP Head Maintenance. And Billiards.

VIP Head Maintenance. And Billiards.

What You Want: An all-access VIP pass for unlimited cuts, scalp massages, shoe shines, cocktails and games of pool, all year round.
When to Get It: After your vacation to Antigua, when you need many hands primping you before hitting the billiards table. They don’t call you Massachusetts Fats for nothing.

Yearly membership, $495, separate services also available, Barbershop Lounge, 245 Newbury St, 617-450-0021

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