Friday Night Drags

Dragging Rights

Friday Night Drag Racing at the Speedway

UD - Friday Night Drags It’s been happening right under your feet for quite some time now.

Every Friday night in the small town of Hampton, a cacophony of roaring engines comes to life.

Muscle cars. Hot rods. Roadsters.

The occasional Ford Fiesta...

Welcome to Friday Night Drags, an open call, amateur, street-style drag racing series on the eighth-mile pit road of the Atlanta Motor Speedway, now awaiting your arrival for this Friday’s engagement.

Think of this as your chance to finally reenact that chicken-run scene from Rebel Without a Cause, minus any risk of getting your leather jacket caught on the door handle and driving into the ocean.

And here’s what you’ll need to do: show up, register and race.

Yes, it’s pretty much that simple. So after heading out to your stable—sometimes referred to as a garage—and choosing the right steed for the job (you can race with anything from your Model T Roadster to a souped-up riding mower), you’ll head to the track, register and hit the drivers meeting for a rundown of the rules.

From there: nothing but pure eighth-mile domination as you blaze through a series of single-elimination battles royale while the crowd cheers you through one checkered flag after another from the grandstand.

But even if not... come on, you just drag raced.


Friday Night Drags
at Atlanta Motor Speedway
1500 Tara Pl
Hampton, GA, 30228

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