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The Cure for the Common Boat Shoe

UD - Clarks for Concepts Don’t get us wrong: we love a pair of classic Top-Siders as much as the next captain.

But there’s something dated about them. And it may be time for an upgrade.

Behold: Clarks for Concepts, your alternative to boat shoes while commanding the high seas this summer, available now at Concepts in Cambridge.

So if you’re going to be spending the rest of the summer on and off some high-speed catamaran, swinging jibs and yelling things like “starboard” (or if you simply frequent yacht clubs), these are your shoes.

Here’s why: first, they’re a joint creation between New England–based Clarks shoes and hip Cambridge kicks store Concepts (call it buying “super-local”). Second, they have all the top-level craftsmanship of a Clarks slip-on shoe—sturdy canvas uppers, durable rubber-crate-pattern bottoms for more grip on slippery docks. And third, they come in red, black and olive (which happens to be the color scheme of your luxury schooner).

You’ll want to slip these on after a grueling training session out around ACK preparing for America’s Cup (cue “Hearts on Fire”), on your way to the bar for post-sailing frozen cocktails. And maybe even the rogue bonfire later that night.

Marshmallow toasting requires adequate footwear.


Clarks for Concepts
available at Concepts in Cambridge
37 Brattle St
Cambridge, MA, 02138

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