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How to Dress Like Whitey Bulger

Now that Whitey Bulger has been apprehended, there’s only one thing left to do: dress like him. Here’s how.

Old-School Fedora

Old-School Fedora

Key Item: The fedora from Whitey’s 1953 mug shot.
Where to Find It: Go to Goorin Bros. and ask for the Mortimer grey classic fedora ($100).
When to Wear It: Anytime you feel the law closing in and want to look sharp while holding a name card under your chin.

Full-Length Leather Trench

Full-Length Leather Trench

Key Item: Whitey’s Shaft-esque black leather trench coat.
Where to Find It: Burberry’s got a hip replica called the Shearling Leather Aviator Coat (pictured, $3,295).
When to Wear It: During cold nights, when keeping warm and avoiding the coppers go hand in hand.

Available now, Burberry, 2 Newbury St, 617-236-1000

Tank Top and Jeans

Tank Top and Jeans

Key Items: The tough-guy jeans, the tank top, the belt.
Where to Find Them: Square One tank ($22.50) at Stel’s. LVC Vintage jeans ($250) and Vintage brown leather belt ($75) at the Original Levi’s Store.
When to Wear Them: Perfect for shooting pool on a hot summer day or when headed to someone’s house to clear up a billing discrepancy.

All-White Custom Suit

All-White Custom Suit

Key Item: The Tom Wolfe–ian, all-white suit.
Where to Find It: Head to the Andover Shop in Harvard Square for a custom white suit (starts at $1,000) tailored to your impressive visage.
When to Wear It: At your next reading of The Right Stuff or when you’re pulling a Henry Hill through the back of a restaurant on a date.

The Lounging Look

The Lounging Look

Key Item: Whitey’s “Crazy Joe Bonanno” navy blue robe.
Where to Find It: Brooks Brothers. Reach for the Lambswool Herringbone Robe (pictured, $261).
When to Wear It: Anytime you want to look fashionable when a member of your crew is bringing news first thing in the morning. Or just when you’re making coffee.

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