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Nocturnal Ziplining over Lake Lanier

UD - Legacy Nights Tour We interrupt your afternoon with breaking news about the pursuit of nocturnal pleasure.

Time out. That sounded wrong.

What we meant to say was: things are about to get weird after dark.


Never mind. Just know that you’re about to find yourself ziplining 70 feet above the open waters of Lake Lanier with nothing to guide you but a headlamp, the light of the moon and... a guide. Behold the Legacy Nights Tour, taking reservations now for this weekend and beyond.

Yes, this is a zipline tour that takes place at night. So after carefully selecting your zipmate for the evening (a second date sounds about right), you’ll make the short trip out to Lanier and rendezvous lakeside at 9pm sharp. After a quick safety briefing with your guide, it’s time to harness up, cue the headlamps and lanterns, and begin your initial ascent onto the launch platform.

From there: all downhill. Which is to say that you’ll be spending two and a half hours careening through treetops, negotiating sky bridges and soaring over the lake at breakneck speeds.

And along the way, your guide will be weaving anecdotal tales and drawing your attention to any nocturnal wildlife activity.

Also, the furry little animals who come out at night.

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