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Drinking Rum Like the British Navy

UD - Black Tot Rum At the royal wedding in April, you came away with an appreciation for two things:

1. Pippa.
2. The queen’s rum.

As it just so happens, one of them is coming to town. No, not Kate’s sis...

Unveiling Black Tot Rum, a new bottle of rum in Big D that’s worthy of both Prince William’s big day and your next date, available now by the ounce at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek.

Here’s a little background: from 1655 to 1970, the British Royal Navy gave each sailor a daily rum ration. Then, the queen pulled the plug on the program (the ’70s were rough on everyone). So the rum—the poor rum—was locked away in rural England and only cracked open for royal weddings (and, we assume, Prince Harry’s occasional after-party at the palace). That is, until that old rum merchant, the queen, opened up the stock for commercial sale.

And that’s where your friends at the Mansion come in. You’ll be on a date, enjoying the candlelit lounge, and you’ll casually shoot the waiter a nod. (Or, you know, just order it.) He’ll return with a wooden box, two small gold cups and a black bottle of rum, distilled in 1940. Finally, you’ll indulge in the finest English booze you can get for $130 an ounce.

Note: they don’t accept pounds.


Black Tot Rum
available at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek
2821 Turtle Creek Blvd
Dallas, TX, 75219

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