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Swimming and Dancing on a Midtown Rooftop

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Your pool is fine.

Nay, more than fine. It’s got everything...

Inflatable bocce court. In-house SPF consultant. Someone who just hangs out and feeds you fruit and stuff.

But nice as that is—it would be even nicer if it were true.

A decent substitute:

Welcome to the Sol Deck at the new Hotel Meliá, a sprawling rooftop compound of rampant DJ-offs, private cabanas and bronzed bodies glistening in the sun, opening to the public this Sunday in Midtown.

If you’ve never heard of the Hotel Meliá, there’s a good reason for that: this is the first and only one in the states. They’re doing some major renovations in early 2012, but for now, the focus is on one thing and one thing only—your new pool.

So come Sunday, you and your retinue of sun goddesses will make your way through the lobby (expect less burgundy drab and more Latin sex appeal after those renovations), bank left and board the elevator for the fourth floor.

Now, make a right (nothing to see here). Then, walk toward the light (you can feel the bass from the DJ now). And finally, at the end of the hall... open the door. Before you: a behemoth rooftop pool dripping with skyline, plush couches and chairs everywhere, cabanas with privacy curtains and flat-screens and, of course, a small army of attendants being dispatched nonstop to and from the full bar.

And that was before you got there.


Sol Deck
at the Hotel Meliá
590 W Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA, 30308


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