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Mr. C, by the Numbers

A crisp new Beverly Hills hotel throws open its doors today, unveiling an opulent lobby lounge for your next martini-fueled script pitch, a gleaming restaurant for when you need pizza to soak it up and lots of seductive suites upstairs for... reading philosophical tomes. Presenting Mr. C Beverly Hills, by the numbers...

Generation of the Cipriani family behind this venture: 4th
Hours of every day when room service is available: 24
Total guest rooms: 138
Private balconies: 138
Range of use for complimentary town car: 3 miles
Thread count of Mascioni bed linens: 300
In-room floor lamps that look like studio lights: 1
Range of view from glass-enclosed rooftop terrace for private events: 360 degrees
Blocks to Spago: about 5
Giant 3,000-square-foot bungalows still in the works: 5
Private gardens and plunge pools they’ll have: 1 of each
Days until restaurant opens: 7
Glass pool tables in the lobby lounge: 1
Dirty martinis you’ll consume there: TBD


Mr. C Beverly Hills
1224 Beverwil Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90035

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