Night Golfing Experience

Night Driver

Eight Holes of Golf... in the Dark

UD - Night Golfing Experience We need to talk.

It’s about your golf game.

Don’t get us wrong, on a scale of 1 to Tiger, it’s... up there.

But at the end of the day, it’s important to stay sharp. You know, switch things up a bit. Practice some new techniques.

Let’s start by removing sunlight from the equation.

Welcome to the Night Golfing Experience at Château Élan—your boozy induction into the brave new world of nocturnal club-swinging, now booking tee times for this Sunday and June 18.

We know, Braselton. It’s a bit outside your perimeter-centric comfort zone. But considering the greens fee also includes an overnight stay at Château Élan, we figured the end more than justifies the means.

You’ll need a team of two to play, so after scooping up your golfing buddy (don’t worry, the rooms have two beds) or your... different kind of buddy (don’t worry, some rooms have one bed), you’ll load up the wrenches and head north.

Right around dusk, you’ll rendezvous with the other teams for an hour’s worth of cocktailing while the sun goes down. And once that happens, the glow-in-the-dark golf balls and flag sticks come out, and all that’s left to do is eagle your way through eight fairways... illuminated by nothing more than an endless string of tiki torches.

Golf and fire, together at last.


Night Golfing Experience
at Château Élan
100 Rue Charlemagne
Braselton, GA, 30517
678-425-0900, ext 41

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