Siege on Fort Yargo

Under Siege

The Siege on Fort Yargo: Adventure-Racing Edition

UD - Siege on Fort Yargo Quick, do exactly as we say:

Go to the store and buy an inflatable raft. And maybe an MRE or something... Pastrami Reuben if at all possible.

Anyway, good. Now throw those things in your car along with a tent, your mountain bike, a compass and some s’mores paraphernalia.

It’s for kicking ass...

Because it’s time for the Siege on Fort Yargo—a 20-mile adventure race that will have you brazenly mountain biking, trail running and paddling your way through Fort Yargo State Park, registering teams now for the June 4 showdown.

If you had a nickel for every adventure race you’ve ever competed in... well, you’d probably have about five cents. But in case we’re being presumptuous here, you should know that this thing is designed with both novices and seasoned vets in mind.

Either way, you’ll want to show up to the transition area with your teammates at dawn (we’d suggest putting those s’mores to use the night before at the on-site campground). After a quick prerace briefing, you’ll find yourselves staring down the barrel of 10 miles of mountain biking, six miles of trail running and a few more spent paddling that inflatable raft.

Also worth mentioning: you’ll be required to carry said raft the entire time you’re on foot.

Take that, Prefontaine.


Siege on Fort Yargo
Fort Yargo State Park
Winder, GA, 30680

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