Discretion Is Advised

Before You Bribe Someone, Look at This

UD - Bribespot You have ways of getting what you want.

Some involve hard work, reliability and due diligence. Others involve a suitcase full of cash and a Swiss bank account under the name “Giorgio X.”

Today, we want to talk about the latter. Because we thought you should know: someone is watching. In fact, it’s the entire Internet...

Introducing Bribespot, a watchdog website boldly tracking all the bribes in the world, online now.

On the site, you’ll find a world map with pegs showing the location, price and guilty parties to every bribe... well, at least all the ones reported by Bribespot members. So far, most of them are in India and Eastern Europe—we know, we’re as shocked as you are. But if you happen to have slipped a Georgia state trooper $150 to get out of a ticket, or passed a certain lower Manhattan bouncer $50 to cut to the front of the line... they’re on to you.

The way we see it, the takeaway is twofold. One, you need to be a bit more discreet the next time you’re securing the contract to build an oil pipeline in Siberia. Two, you now know the going price of an under-the-table Palermo registration for your catamaran.

Not that you can put a price on such things.

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