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Polo, Now with Bikes Instead of Horses

UD - Atlanta Bike Polo League Ah, polo.

The sport of kings.

It’s a chess match on horseback. A harrowing partnership between man and beast. And throughout the centuries, a tradition unchanged by the hands of time.

Kind of...

Introducing the Atlanta Bike Polo League—an impromptu pickup league started by a clandestine assemblage of polo aficionados who happen to prefer bikes over horses, now awaiting your arrival for weekly Tuesday and Thursday face-offs.

It’s been quietly happening for a while now. Every Tuesday and Thursday night, the visionaries behind this glorious wave of sporting innovation arm themselves with a mallet, mount their two-wheeled steed and take to... a random basketball court in Reynoldstown. It’s a pretty loose, pickup-type league for now, but don’t be surprised to find yourself on the occasional road trip and/or engaging in competitive scenarios with rival factions.

But to ease into this brave new world of horselessness, you might consider making your inaugural debut as a spectator (after adding that word to your vocabulary, of course) by grabbing a few beers, meeting the team and getting your overall bearings on the situation.

But soon enough, you’ll find yourself in a full-contact battle royal (it’s actually really friendly, but you get it) with the simple objective of being the first team to ratchet a street-hockey ball through the goal five times. A few rules: your feet can’t touch the ground, goals must be made using the end of the mallet, and blind-side body checks are frowned upon.

Up next: Segway cricket.


Atlanta Bike Polo League
at Lang Carson Park
100 Flat Shoals Ave SE
Atlanta, GA, 30316

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