Your New Dating Reinforcements

UD - The Heart Bandits In Los Angeles, dating is a lot like an action movie.

Your biceps are usually on display. Half of the date takes place in South America. And at some point you need the assistance of a few good stuntmen.

Which brings us to The Heart Bandits, a new service that lets you add stuntmen, motorcycles and possibly even some pyrotechnics to your social life, available now.

Now, it’s not like you need much help in the wooing department. But if you find yourself dating a die-hard Glee fan (just hear us out), these Bandits can wrangle a whole fleet of singers to surprise her with a stirring rendition of “Born This Way” atop Runyon Canyon.

If you need your “waiter” to hit on your date so you can throw him in the pool, they can find an actor to carry out your plan. And if you’ve got a grand spectacle in mind that involves a motorcycle and a flaming hoop—well, let’s just say they’ve got professional stuntmen on speed dial.

But if you require a little more consistent backup, they also offer a full-on, 24/7/365 consultation service. Spring for this, and they’ll remind you of any upcoming birthdays or anniversaries, arrange for flowers to be sent and even reserve your favorite table at Craig’s.

The flaming hoop will have to stay out by the valet.


The Heart Bandits

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