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Flying in a Bunch of WWII Fighter Planes

UD - Warbird Flight Experience It’s Friday afternoon, so we won’t keep you.

But we were wondering if we could just have a few minutes of your time to talk about World War II.

Wait, that came out wrong.

What we meant to say was: you’re about to rip through the Georgia skies in a bunch of WWII fighter planes...

Yeah, that’s better. Welcome to the Warbird Flight Experience, your one-time chance to copilot an LT-6 Mosquito and a ragtag lineup of other semi-retired warmongers all in one harrowing weekend, starting April 30 in Peachtree City.

So there’s this group of former military pilot guys called the Dixie Wing. You know, the salty-pirate-of-the-sky types. And they decided to throw a weekend-long WWII-themed party. Swing dancing, big bands, period costumes (we’re looking at you, Rosie the Riveter)... that kind of thing.

Fun. Kind of. But while all this is going on, they’ll also be lining up their entire fleet of vintage warbirds like the F4U Corsair and the C-45 Expeditor (and a bunch of other planes with cool-sounding names), each of which happens to have a pilot standing right next to it.

Which means all that’s left for you to do is choose your ride, exchange pleasantries with the pilot (read: fill out a few forms) and strap in for a hair-raising, retro joyride lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to the entire afternoon.

You should totally buzz the tower.


Warbird Flight Experience
Dixie Wing, CAF
1200 Echo Ct
Peachtree City, GA, 30269

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