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Corporate Espionage... the Facebook Way

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Let’s just say you have your sources—moles on the floor of the NYSE, guys who know guys, a certain colonel who’s worked his way up the ranks of Russian intelligence.

And, of course, a little up-and-comer called Facebook.

Which brings us to ContentAide, a new service devoted to spying on the Facebook pages of your enemies, online now.

So let’s back up a bit. This site basically works like this: you’ll log on, scroll through a comprehensive list of companies with Facebook pages and select the ones you want to monitor. (By which we mean spy on.)

You’ll add the up-and-coming tech company you’ve been eyeing for a merger, plus the long-standing competitor you’re on the verge of extinguishing—and here’s the beauty part: the companies won’t know you’re watching, since you haven’t liked them on Facebook.

Then, every morning, you’ll get a confidential report on the companies’ links and updates, along with updates from other companies that ContentAide thinks you might be interested in. So when a newcomer tries to sneak onto the scene unnoticed, you’ll hear about it as soon as they start making pokes.

If they’re on Friendster, you can assume they’re not a threat.

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